June 23, 2022

Ep. 1 | Meet Dr. Kermit Gosnell

SERIAL KILLER: A True Crime Podcast

It was a routine drugs investigation until it wasn’t. Drug investigators were targeting a Philadelphia drug ring pushing opioids. It was the biggest in the city and they believed it was being supplied by Dr Kermit Barron Gosnell – a much liked and respected physician operating the The Women’s Medical Society Clinic.

Listen to the wiretaps, the secret recordings, and the dealer-turned police informants as investigators get closer to the source of the drugs flooding the city streets. But suddenly, one curious cop gets new information. The informants talk about a filthy clinic with unqualified staff and vague details about a dead woman.

It’s enough to make Detective Jim Wood want to investigate further. What is really going on behind those doors?  Listen to the jailhouse interviews of Dr. Gosnell maintaining his innocence as investigators slowly realize that they might have accidentally uncovered a serial killer.

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